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Open MRI Referral Form (Hendon Only)

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  20. Pregnancy Rules: In all women of reproductive capacity, the clinician should consider the possibility of an early pregnancy. For most examinations, the risk to the foetus is negligible during the first 28 days following commencement of the last period. However, examinations involving a high dose of the pelvis (i.e. Abdominal or Pelvic X-ray) should be confined to the first 10 days unless there are overriding clinical indications. To be completed if 28 day rule is exceeded.

    Upon arrival into the imaging department you will be asked to sign this referral to confirm your pregnancy status.

  21. Exposure to Ionising Radiation Regulations: The Practitioner requesting the X-ray examination must be satisfied that it is necessary and that it will directly affect patient management. It must be ensured that the investigation has not already been carried out at this Centre or elsewhere. Any proposed deviation from the current Royal College of Radiologist’s guidelines must be discussed with a radiologist. Each request must be signed by a medical practitioner.

  22. Exposure Factors/Dose Please enter body part to be scanned
  23. By sending this e-mail, I am signing this referral electronically. I agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this referral form and has the same validity. I consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.

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