• MRI Scan
  • Same day appointments
  • from £199
  • Open MRI Scan
  • Same day appointments
    • from £399
  • Endoscopy Services
  • Quick appointments
  • from £1,800
  • Ultrasound
  • Quick appointments
  • from £60
    • Private GP Service
    • from £49


Our Promise; each case, from initial referral to conclusion of treatment, will be dealt with the highest degree of professionalism, efficiency and integrity


How you can be referred

Normally you will need to be referred by your GP to a consultant at Chartwell Diagnostics and Imaging Centre who will then be responsible for your treatment. For more information see private medical insurance or paying for your own treatment.

There may be situations where you can self-refer (for example with a certain consultant or for a specific treatment) and book appointments directly with the hospital.  For more information call us on 01702 478 885.


The Patient Experience 

With the benefit of purpose-built premises, Chartwell Diagnostics and Imaging Centre can offer the very best treatments in modern, comfortable surroundings. The centre is laid out over three floors and we have taken great care to ensure that we are accessible to people of all physical abilities. 

We know that undergoing investigations and treatment can be very worrying for patients and those close to them. Our highly trained, professional team offers support and empathy throughout the whole process.

It's because we listen to our patients that we're able to respond to their comments so that we can continually adapt and develop our services. We are not run by the NHS, or any large organisation which means we can respond to our patients needs without long delays.


International Patients 

Chartwell Diagnostics and Imaging Centre has developed a growing reputation for providing the healthcare needs for patients who have travelled from abroad for medical treatment.

We can help our international patients plan and organise every aspect of their visit ensuring that at all times they are treated with the utmost care, confidentiality and respect.

We know that travelling from abroad for medical treatment can be a stressful experience so we are committed to putting our international patients at ease and making the whole process as comfortable as we possibly can.

What you can expect from The Chartwell: 

  • Selecting the most appropriate medical treatment for you
  • Organising appointments and admissions
  • Arranging special dietary requirements
  • Consideration of religious beliefs and practices
  • Providing translation services if required
  • Offering ongoing reassurance throughout the visit


For more information about our services please complete an enquiry form, or call us on 01702 478 885 for Leigh services and 020 8205 1100 for the Hendon Open MRI scanner.


Chartwell Diagnostic Imaging Centre is approved with all major insurance companies.