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Paying for your own Treatment

Paying privately is also sometimes known as ‘self-pay’ or ‘self-funding’.

What is the process for being seen privately at Chartwell Diagnostics and Imaging Centre?

1. Find out about private treatment

Depending on what your needs are and whether you are self-funded, insured or coming to us via the NHS, you will be referred to Chartwell by your GP.

We can provide fixed price packages to self-funding and insured patients for most of the treatments we offer. The fixed price will cover everything you need relating to your treatment, giving you peace of mind that costs won’t be added to your bill once you attend hospital.

To obtain a quote for your treatment at Chartwell Diagnostics and Imaging Centre and let you know what specialists are available, please call us on 01702 478 885.

2. See the Consultant specialist

Once you provide us with your referral letter from your GP we can book you in for an initial consultation with your specialist if required.  This may be followed with diagnostic test or scans. Please note that initial consultations and tests (if required) are charged separately and are not included in our fixed price packages. We will advise you of the costs associated with your consultation and/or procedure and what is included at the time of booking, which must either be paid at the time of your appointment or upon receipt of the Consultant’s invoice posted to your home address. 

3. Find out the cost and arrange treatment

Following your consultation and any additional diagnostics tests you might need, your Consultant will be able to draw up a personalised treatment plan. You will be given a fixed price which will cover everything you need relating to your visit.

If you choose to go ahead you can book an appointment at a time to suit you and your busy schedule.

4. Treatment and payment

We will contact you with all the information you need, such as when you are due to come in, what you need to bring with you and what to expect following your visit. All we ask is that you pay your bill on arrival.


Benefits of paying privately at Chartwell

  • Avoid long waiting lists
  • Be treated by a Consultant or expert of your choice
  • Go to a hospital which has an excellent care quality record
  • Be treated in a professional, friendly and reassuring manner


For more information about our services please complete an enquiry form, or call us on 01702 478 885 for Leigh services and 020 8205 1100 for the Hendon Open MRI scanner.

Chartwell Diagnostic Imaging Centre is approved with all major insurance companies.